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Kyiv Design Desk

Kyiv Design Desk - hourly desktop rental service for a designer from Drevych

Only for design partners Drevych provides the opportunity to rent an hourly table for negotiations and communication with clients in Kiev.

We know how important it is for you to make the right impression on a client in Kyiv.

We understand that it is not profitable for each of you to keep your own representative office in our capital.

And especially signing contracts or receiving advances is very inconvenient to spend in temporary cafes or restaurants.

That is why Drevych offers you the Kyiv design desk service:

  • Including an hour of renting a conference desk in comfortable conditions of complete security of anonymity and design atmosphere in the prestigious Podilsk district of Kyiv.

  • With free wifi, printer, Lviv coffee, even Privat Bank ATM

You must pre-register for a free hour at the link:

You are not our partner yet? Then be sure to register

Kyiv design desk
Бажаєте забронювати на годину робочий стіл дизайнера для власної роботи в Київському шоу-румі Древич? Заповніть, будь ласка, дані нижче
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