Сходи та столярні вироби
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Export wood products

Who are we?

We are Drevych - a Ukrainian manufacturer of exclusive wood products.

What are we doing?

We work with unique material, it lives, it breathes, it smells, it can feels, it captures, we can say that it even has a soul. It is as ancient as mankind itself, as different as each person, as unique as your smile. It is a tree.

Trees are our hobby and love, which is passed on along ​​with the family value in two families that are founders of the company. Trees for us are powerful giants for us, on their shoulders, they carry the stories of whole generations that have been observed for tens and hundreds of years.

And our mission in Drevych is not to turn them into paper or firewood. But to give them a second life in our homes for further decades.

Our main value is the preservation of age-old trees in products that will serve you for centuries.

The goal of Drevych is to promote environmentally friendly solid wood products in Ukraine and far beyond. To prove that the phrase Made in Ukraine can look proud and be associated with the best.

Drevych - to creators of the future! 

So we invite you to create it together!

Our advantages:

  • Producing complicated wooden panels, tables, tabletops, doors and stairs.

  • Adjusting to new trends in interior design.

  • Individual producing. Private label manufacturer for creating your own product line.

  • Taking care of transportation and documents.

Contact us:

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