Сходи та столярні вироби
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We invite designers, architects, builders and interior shops to cooperate with Drevich Ukraine. Send a request to the email address drevych2@gmail.com or call 0679911611

Advantages of stores in cooperation with Drevich ™

  • As a company

  1. Trending product with the best quality and prices
  2. Interesting and competitive assortment
  3. The ability to form individual orders
  4. Speed ​​of calculation of individual orders
  5. Rendering speed
  6. The breadth of product use (ease of sale)
  7. Comprehensive and accurate information for sale
  8. Exhibition stands and promotional materials
  9. An opportunity for your client to agree on a design or visualization directly with our designer
  10. Free education and training for your sellers
  11. Collaboration with the best designers and architects
  12. Completely UKRAINIAN company
  13. You receive goods from an official company with a trademark that is responsible for what is said.
  14. Timeliness of delivery
  15. You have where to turn and really solve your issue
  16. Possibility to increase the% discount

  • Benefits of designers in cooperation with Drevich ™
  • Drevych support:

  1. 3D models (3Dmax, SketchUp, or any other program in which there is a need)
  2. Constant updating of designs as well as colors and sizes of 3D models
  3. The embodiment of your designs and bold ideas
  4. Modernity - For the Creators of the future. We understand the importance of change
  5. Own production
  6. For beginners, we provide a start to your career and its growth, bringing clients from all over Ukraine
  7. affiliate program
  8. A permanent contact person who understands you
  9. Possibility to increase the% discount
  10. Provision of quotation calculation
  11. Providing technical drawing
  12. Providing all data that interests the end customer
  13. The speed of providing information and a personal manager 24/7
  14. Providing control (meaning a small sample, if there is no space on the stands, so that you can have on hand to show the colors and how it looks live) design elements

  • You get more than just a product, namely:

  1. Natural wood - a genuine rich look
  2. Customization for your design projects
  3. Versatility and environmental friendliness
  4. Own assembly teams
  5. Accurate calculation of estimates of your objects
  6. individual production
  7. Warranty and post-warranty service
Our partners

We are open to cooperation with designers, developers and construction professionals. To create unique wood products together. Drevich - the creators of the future!

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