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                                                     For the creators of future

                                                             Supply agreement


Lviv city                                                                                                                        2017

The trade mark « Drevych » (Ukraine) represented by the natural person-entrepreneur  Luspak Roman Stepanovych, acting on the basis of Certificate of state registration of individual entrepreneur, hereinafter referred to as the “Provider”, on the one side and ________________________represented by__________ acting on the basis of __________________, hereinafter referred to as the “Buyer” in the text of the Contract on the other side, have entered into this Contract regarding the following:


                                     1.Subject of the Contract


    1. The Provider shall deliver such Products to the Buyer and transfer them into his ownership such as: products purchased  in  online store www.drevych.ua

    2. The Buyer shall accept the Products and make the payment in accordance with the requirements of this Contract.

                                2.Products’ quantity and quality


2.1The number and range of products listed in order forms and in spending bills under   the Contract, approved by Parties in advance.


                         3. Terms and conditions of delivery


 3.1   The Provider shall make delivery of the Products within the terms stated in this    Contract  (in item 5).

 3.2   The delivery time of the standard products within the 14 working days, non standard delivery time up to the 14 working days, from the date of 100% payment of receipt confirmation coming to the settlement account of the Provider.

 3.3   Delivery of the goods is made from the warehouse of  Provider, which is located at Lviv city, str. Sadova 2A / 1 or to the warehouse of the Buyer at the address indicated as the delivery address by the Buyer for an additional payment.

 3.4 Acceptance of goods by quantity and quality is carried out by Buyer at the address specified in item 3.3 of this Contract.

3.5  Pre-term delivery of the goods is allowed, about which the Provider informs by letter or telephone call.

3.6 In the case of ordering a product, the dimensions of which exceed 3 m. or more, it is permitted to unpack the product for its transportation to the floor.

 3.7 If the size of the product does not allow it to be transported on top of the ladder, lifting on the floor is carried out using a lifting device outside of the building.


                     4. Price and total cost of the contract


 4.1   The prices for the products are indicated in the invoice and in the spending bills for each order separately.

 4.2  The total value of the Contract is determined on the basis of the value of the products, which is indicated in all spending bills under this Contract.


                                    5. Terms of Payment


 5.1   The Buyer make  a 100% pre-payment for each consignment within 2 calendar days setting up by the Provider of the relevant account.

 5.2   Payment is made in the national currency of  Ukraine (UAH) by transferring funds to the account of the Provider.


                                   6. Conditions of acceptance and delivery of products



6.1  Delivery of products at the address specified in item 3.3 of this Contract is carried out at the expense of the Buyer.

6.2  Acceptance of the products is carried out at the place specified in item 3.3 of this Contract automatically at the time of signing the express-invoice of carrier.

6.3 Acceptance  Report is carried out according to the number of shipping documents.


                                     7. Packing and Marking


7.1 The products must be packed in such way, to avoid damage or destruction during transportation.

7.2 Marking of the products must comply with the applicable regulations.


Provider”____________              Buyer” _______________              


















                                                8. Force Majeure


8.1 During the implementation of the Contract, the parties to the agreement can only be suspended in the event of force majeure circumstances including: fire, natural disaster, armed conflict, overcrowding of traffic due to a strike, decisions of public authorities and local self-government authorities or other circumstances that are not depended from the Parties’.

8.2 The party that has been the subject of force majeure circumstances must notify the other party within three calendar days. The fact of availability and validity of force majeure circumstances is confirmed by an authorized body.

8.3 After the termination of force majeure circumstances, the duration of the completion of obligations is renewed.

8.4  If the effect of the force majeure circumstances lasts more than 30 calendar days in a row, the parties have the right to terminate the operation of this Contract.

8.5 At the same time, losses caused by the termination of the Contract are not reimbursed and penalties are not paid. Unsecured cash deliveries are returned to the Buyer within 3 Bank days from the moment the parties decide on the termination of the Contract.

                                9. Responsibility of the parties


9.1 The Provider is responsible to the Buyer only within the limits of the value of the goods.


                                10. Termination of the contract


10.1 The Contract may be terminated at any time by mutual consent of the parties, which defines the property claims of the parties (if any) and settle them.

10.2 In accordance with item 8.4. of this Contract.

10.3 The contract may be terminated unilaterally in the following cases:

In case of non-fulfillment or improper performance of obligations. The termination of the Contract shall be by written notification to the other party stating the reasons and the date of termination of the Contract;

At the request of one party: in this case, the initiating party is obligated to inform the other party in writing about the termination of the Contract, but not less than 10 days before the expected date of termination of the Contract, in the absence of property claims between the parties.


                                   11. Settlement of disputes


11.1 In case of discrepancies in the fulfillment of the terms of the Contract, the parties shall resolve them by mutual agreement.

11.2  In the event that mutual agreement is not reached, disputes under this Contract shall be considered in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.


                                   12. Term of the contract


12.1. This Contract shall come into force upon its signing by the parties and shall expire on  December 31, 2017. If neither of the parties within 60 days prior to the expiration of the Contract will notify the other party in writing about its termination, the term of the Contract will be automatically extended by the 1 next calendar year.

12.2. All changes and additions to this Contract shall considered valid if they are done in writing and signed by authorized representatives of the parties.

12.3. In cases not provided for in this Contract, the parties are guided by the current legislation of Ukraine.

12.4 This Contract is made in two copies on two pages each, having the same legally valid, the first is kept by the Buyer, the other one - from the Provider.

12.5 The Provider declares that he is the sole payer of the income tax.

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