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Return and refund policy

Full warranty on all Drevych products

According to the Law on Consumer Protection, every Ukrainian has the legal opportunity to exchange or return the purchased goods of TM Drevych within 14 days, if for some reason it does not suit the buyer. The categories of goods that are subject to return within 14 days include:

Toys and sketchbooks of TM Drevych, except for those that were made according to an individual layout or with branding under a single customer order.


These exchange and return rules apply to goods purchased from Drevych of proper quality, provided that it has not been used and retains the appearance, consumer properties, seals and labels, as well as a settlement document (check) issued to the consumer at the time of purchase (Article 9 of the Law Of Ukraine "On Consumer Protection")


The order of exchange / return of goods:

According to the Consumer Protection Act, each buyer can apply to Drevych within two weeks and replace the item from the list that did not suit him with another, or give the purchase to the seller and get their money back. After the two-week period, return is possible only under warranty.

If at the time of application of a similar product for replacement is not for sale, the buyer has the right to:

• buy any other products from the range of the store (with the calculation of cost)

• exchange the product for a similar one at the first receipt of the desired product for sale

• return the product and get back the money in the amount of the value of the returned product

Drevych guarantees the consideration of each customer's request for return / replacement of goods. Under the terms of a refund for goods of proper quality, the buyer must perform several actions:

• contact the seller and write a refund request (usually the store has a standard return form in which you must provide personal information)

• return the purchased goods in full packaging and with the complete set specified in the technical documentation (technical passport)

• provide a purchase receipt, sales receipt or cash receipt

According to the law, when returning goods of proper quality, settlements with the consumer are made based on the value of the goods at the time of purchase. The money paid for the goods is returned to the buyer on the day of return of the purchase (termination of the contract). If the seller or cashier of the store does not have the opportunity to return the money immediately - payments are made no later than 7 days after receipt of the goods and a written request for return.Refund is made by the method of payment - bank transfer to the details specified in the application or cash (money). In the case of non-cash (online payment) goods, the funds must be returned to the bank card within seven days, but this period may be extended due to delays associated with the processing of transactions. The funds paid by the Customer for the delivery of goods are not refundable.

To return or exchange, please contact us for further instructions: Tel / viber +380679911611


For the product categories Stairs, Wall Panels, Furniture, Tables, Doors, Lighting, Floors and Plywood products in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Consumer Protection" return and exchange is not provided, as these products are made to individual consumer order and governed by special warranty conditions. and service of TM Drevych.


Warranty and service conditions


The Drevych company guarantees an ideal look with observance of conditions of a guarantee for such term:

• Stairs for 25 years

• Doors 3 years

• Furniture 1 year

• Tables 1 year

• Wall panels 1 year

• Floor 1 year

• Lighting 1 year

• Plywood products for 1 month


The case is recognized by the warranty or non-warranty expert Drevych after the examination of the product and its installation on site, and is confirmed in writing by the expert's opinion on the result of the examination.

The expert's visit to the facility is paid for separately by the Customer.

Examination at the Customer's site is free of charge.


Warranty cases:

1. Changing the geometry

2. Destruction of the structure

3. In the event of peeling and cracks in the veneer or wood with a width of more than 1 cm.


The case is not considered a warranty (and entails a suspension of the warranty):

1. If the damage is mechanical in nature, or due to mechanical impacts.

2. Change of a design, change of the sizes established by factory - the manufacturer by its undercutting on height and / or width. Unauthorized repair, changes in the design of the product.

3. Due to the violation of the order of the technological process of interior finishing works (wallpapering, plastering walls, laying tiles, etc.) of the premises. Complaints about the goods installed in such premises are not subject to consideration, and the buyer is solely responsible for maintaining the external and operational properties of the purchased goods.

4. Improper operation, violation of installation and assembly technology.

Importantly! The guarantee is valid in the presence of payment documents and the original invoice - the invoice with the present recommendation with the seal of the firm - the seller. If the case is considered a warranty, the repair is free. If the case was found to be non-warranty, Drevych may provide you with restoration and repair services for an additional fee.


Dear customer, if you believe that you have a warranty case, please contact us for further instructions: Tel / viber +380679911611



Recommendations for operation, storage of wood products Drevych 


Dear Buyer, The Warranty takes effect on the day of purchase of the product and is valid for the specified period. The buyer has the right to demand compliance with warranty obligations, if he carefully followed all the instructions for the care of the product. The service life of the product in compliance with all requirements is not limited. The manufacturer provides repair or replacement of the product in case of detection of manufacturing defects. The nature of the damage is established by examination. The completeness of the product is checked by the buyer upon receipt of the goods. Installation and subsequent operation of the product should take place at an air temperature of + 15 to +30 degrees Celsius, with a relative humidity of 30 to 70%.

Adherence to the following rules of transportation, storage and installation guarantees its long and trouble-free operation, and also application of conditions of warranty service.


1. Installation of Drevich products should be carried out by specialists who have been trained and have the appropriate qualifications.

2. Wood products must be protected from direct sunlight, high temperatures and moisture.

3. Moving of wood products The tree is carried out only on weight or by means of mechanical means (carts, etc.). Moving by a drag is not allowed.

4. Installation is allowed in a room with normal humidity, in which there should be no excessive dryness or high temperature. It is FORBIDDEN to install Drevych wood products during or before repair works (plastering, painting, wallpapering, laying tiles, etc.), as well as within three days after their completion.

5. It is recommended to put wood products in the room where they will be installed for 3-4 days to equalize the parameters of humidity and temperature.

6. Operation should be carried out indoors with humidity no more than 65% at a temperature from 15C to 40C.

7. During the operation of wood products, mechanical methods of impact on them that cause their damage shall not be used.


During the operation of Drevych wood products, it is desirable to care for and treat them with furniture polishes designed for wood processing, which improves the appearance and increases the durability of operation.

 In case of violation of the above warranty conditions, the complaint or replacement of the product is at the expense of the buyer.

Claims for appearance are accepted only at the time of receipt of the goods.

These conditions do not limit the legal rights of the consumer granted to him by the current legislation of Ukraine.

Thank you for choosing Drevich. But we advise you to follow these simple rules so that our wood products will serve your home for many decades.

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